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The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time is available!!! Click here for more information or to order from the publisher.

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Sounds True Dr. Q's Do-It-Yourself Time travel

Sounds True Dr. Q's Guide to your universe

Sounds True Dr. Q's Meet the Real Creator: You!

Thinking Allowed Several interviews with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

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"The Soul and Quantum Physics"
My Book and audio CD list and What Each Book/CD is All About

1. Time-loops and Space-twists: How God Created the Universe. TX: Hierophant Publishing, 2011.

In my most important book since Taking the Quantum Leap, I explain how our understanding of time, space, and matter have changed in just the last few years, and how with these new ideas we can glimpse the "mind of God." Fundamental particles are made of light, allowing them to disappear, reappear, move forward and backward through time, twisting in space and creating what we perceive as our everyday reality. Armed with this understanding, the universal command of the Judeo-Christian Deity (as well as those comparable in the Hindu-Vedic cosmology) "Let there be light" takes new and profound meaning. The book illuminates these complex scientific and philosophical concepts in language that accessible and entertaining to the average, educated reader.

Available at bookstores and on line.

2. Dr. Quantum's Lttle Book of Big Ideas is available from Moment Point Press. Spanish edition to be published in 2007 as El libro de las grandes ideas del Dr. Quantum. Panorama Editorial. México 2007.

In this little book Dr. Quantum has gathered together some precious gems of insight. He must admit he was surprised that he even wrote them. He hadn't realized when he wrote them that they could well stand alone as they do. Read them and I hope laugh and enjoy them. They aren't there to teach you anything (although you might learn a little about you and the universe) but to help you let go of any tight bonds you have created to what you believe is the only reality there is. I hope you begin to see that the universe including you is far greater than any of us can imagine and that you are a remarkable being simply because in the last one million or so years of evolution nature or God has chosen you to appear on the scene. You may feel that you are not worth very much or you may feel you are far better than any of your associates. I caution you that both of these are illusions. I hope that by reading this little book you may gain a better prospective on who you really are. Care to guess?

Available at bookstores and on line.

3. Dr. Quantum Presents: Meet the Real Creator: You is available produced by Sounds True.

Taking Charge of Your Life at the Quantum Level The more you learn about quantum physics, the more you wonder: who is really creating our reality? Fear not: Dr. Quantum, superhero of spiritual science, is here to help you Meet the Real Creator-You! On this four-part tour through the strange reality of quantum physics, listeners will learn how we unconsciously participate in the manifestation of each moment, why the universe only seems to be beyond our ability to control, and ultimately how we can use the principles of cutting-edge science to truly take charge of our personal reality. Whether he's rescuing listeners from confusion about subatomic subtleties or breaking down the barriers between science and spirit, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf sets the standard for bringing quantum physics down to earth-and into our lives.


CD1: Riding Your Spiritual Elephant

    1. Introduction 2. Who created your reality? 3. Your spiritual elephant 4. Your essential I-ness 5. The self and the brain 6. The elephant and the guru 7. Lumps or waves 8. The power of perception 9. The principle of complementarity
      CD2: Quantum Heaven, Quantum Hell
        1. Introduction 2. Worlds beyond comprehension 3. Controlling our destiny 4. Heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo 5. Dancing on the edge of chaos 6. Unseen worlds 7. In quantum land 8. Bizarre possibilities 9. Positive and negative
          CD3: Me and My Soul
            1. Introduction 2. The soul is a verb 3. Let your soul talk 4. The benefits of hell 5. The route to heaven 6. Dreamtime 7. Matter and soul 8. Creating reality 9. Only one mind 10. Spirits in material form
              CD4: Do I Create My Reality?
                1. Introduction 2. Beings of light 3. The transit experience 4. Life is a dance 5. Who and what you are 6. Reincarnation 7. Realizing nirvana 8. The sixth sense 9. Simply observing 10. Time is in the soul

                Available at bookstores and on line.

                4. Dr. Quantum Presents: A User's Guide to Your Universe is available produced by Sounds True.

                Until very recently, the principles of quantum physics would have been dismissed as nonsense, heresy, or worse. Today, they are proven facts. Now take a breathtaking adventure of illumination to learn how this cutting-edge science of spirituality can revolutionize the way you think, act, and live.


                " How quantum physics guides us to a new way of seeing the universe " Is there really an "out there" out there? " Instructions for traveling through time (really!) " The Technology of God, and how you can use it every day " The logic of being "irrational"-how we can break out of old ways of thinking to fully interact with the universe " The Quantum Leap: the moment when we transform possibility into reality " Parallel realities-can we really connect to them with our minds? " Relativity, the space-time continuum, and weaving each moment of your life into the fabric of the cosmos " The meeting place between science and spirit-what shamans have to teach about physics " The "New Alchemy:" the nine steps for transforming your thoughts into matter " How the soul and self communicate at a subatomic level with the greater consciousness of the universe " 6 CDs featuring 7 1/2 hours of wisdom, lucidity, and humor from the superhero of infinite possibilities, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf Available at bookstores and on line.

                5. The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time Wheaton, IL: Quest Books, 2004. Spanish edition to be published in 2007 as El yoga del viaje en el tiempo. Ed. Vesica Piscis, Granada, 2007. Portuguese edition published by Editora Mercuryo in Brazil this October, 2006, entitled Viagem no Tempo - a mente alé do ontem, hoje e amanhã. Dutch language was recently published as De yoga van het reizen in de tijd in Holland by Uitgeverij Ankh-Hermes bv-Deventer and was published in Italy as Lo Yoga della Mente e il viaggio nel tempo 2007 Macro Edizioni.

                Here I continue my journey into the connection between mind and the physical universe, this time showing how the mind creates the experience of time. Connecting the ancient view of Patanjali--the founder of the Yoga system-- with the modern view of time as described by Einsteinian relativity and quantum physics, I show how it is possible to go forward and backward in time using the mind to do so and how to change the rate at which you move. Available at all bookstores and on line.

                6. Matter into Feeling: a New Alchemy of Science and Spirit. NH: Moment Point Press, 2002.

                The second of the planned series dealing with new alchemy. Here I explain how it is that feeling arises in matter—how all life forms feel and the connection of love to the physical material world. Available at bookstores and on line.

                7. Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit. NH: Moment Point Press, 2000. Spanish edition to be published in 2007 as De la mente a la materia.. Ediciones Alfaomega. Madrid, 2007. Recently published in Portuguese in Brazil as A Conexão entre Mente e Matéria: Uma Nova Alquimia Ciência e do Espírito, by Editora Cultrix. Also recently published in Turkey as Düsünceyi Gerçege Dönüstürmek with Mia Basim Yayin through D&R, Istanbul. My first of a planned series of four books dealing with new alchemy-a science based understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe both physical and psychological/spiritual. Here I lay out the basic principles. Available at bookstores and on line.

                8. The Spiritual Universe: One Physicist’s Vision of Spirit, Soul, Matter, and Self. (Revised paperback edition.) NH: Moment Point Press, 1999. Also first published as The Spiritual Universe: How Quantum Physics Proves the Existence of the Soul. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1996. And published in Chinese (Taiwan) and Dutch by Ten Have as Het Spirituele Universum: Quantumfysica En Het Bestaan Van De Ziel, 1998.

                One reviewer called it one of the most important books of the decade. Here I explore the multidiscipline of science, psychology, and spirituality taking the reader through the history of the soul and culminating with a model of the soul based on the big bang and quantum physics. The Library journal advised that this book should be added to every public library collection because of its insights and discussions of topics. Available at bookstores and on line.

                9. The Dreaming Universe: A Mind-Expanding Journey into the Realm Where Psyche and Physics Meet. NY: Simon & Schuster, 1994, Touchstone, 1995. Published in German as Die Physik der Träume. Berlin, Germany: Byblos Verlag. 1995, 1997 and by Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag, 1997.

                Considered by one reviewer to be the most important books on dreams since the seminal work of Sigmund Freud. Here I explain the history, neurophysiology, and quantum physics of dreams and show a new model that explains and shows how we dream to create our self images-our egos. Available at bookstores and on line.

                10. The Eagle’s Quest: A Physicist’s Search For Truth In The Heart Of The Shamanic World, for Simon & Schuster, NY: 1991, Touchstone, 1992. And published in the UK and Australia by Harper/Collins, 1992 and in Spain as La Busqueda Del Aguila by Los Libros De La Liebre De Marzo, 1994, and published in Dutch as De Adelaars Queeste by Symbolon, Amstelveen, 2000.

                My semi-autobiographical account of my descent into the dark world of shamanism where I discover myself and reveal some of the secrets of how shamans work. Available at bookstores and on line.

                11. Parallel Universes: The Search For Other Worlds, for Simon & Schuster, NY. 1989, Touchstone: 1990. Also Published the UK and in German as Parallele Universen: Die Suche nach anderen Welten by Insel Verlag, in Italian as Universi Paralleli, by Geo, and published in Japan by Tokuma Shoten.

                Part of my continuing effort to explain the remarkable ideas contained in quantum physics-particularly the idea of parallel universes. When this came out most physicists did not believe in the idea, but by today's survey, most now do. The ideas here received much praise from the critics and the concepts described can help understand time machines, quantum computers, and a range of other bizarre phenomena. It has been used as a basis for many Science Fiction films such as "The 13th Floor" and "The Matrix." Available at bookstores and on line.

                12. The Body Quantum: The New Physics Of Body, Mind And Health, for Macmillan Publishing Co., NY. Spring 1986. Also published in England by Heinemann Ltd. and in Germany as Körper, Geist und neue Physik: Eine Synthese der neuesten Erkenntnisse Von Medizin und Moderner Naturwissenschaft, Scherz Verlag, 1989.

                Just how the body works from cells to muscles to bones to nutrition based on ideas from classical physics and quantum physics. This was the first book to look into how quantum physics and consciousness work in the body. No longer in print, but you can find it used on line and at used bookstores.

                13. Star*Wave: Mind, Consciousness and Quantum Physics. Macmillan, NY, October, 1984. Also published as Mind And The New Physics. by Heinemann Ltd. London, England, March, 1985.

                Slightly advanced book this was my first attempt to explain how quantum physics and human consciousness are related. Although published in 1984, it contains some revolutionary ideas-ones that I still base my research on today. The 1st edition is no longer in print, but you can find it used on line and at used bookstores. A new edition will be forthcoming probably in 2014.

                14. Taking The Quantum Leap: The New Physics For Nonscientists. Winner of the National Book Award, 1982. Harper & Row Publishers, Inc., San Francisco, 1981, and revised New Edition by Harper/Collins, NY 1989. Also published by Kodansha in Japan, 1992, in Spain, 1996, and in German as Der Quantensprung Ist Keine Hexerei: Die Neue Physik Für Einsteiger by Birkhauser Verlag: Basal (1986).

                Intended for the layperson, Taking the Quantum Leap explains just what quantum physics is all about with many illustrations and metaphors. It was updated in 1989 to include a new chapter about then current discoveries in quantum physics including parallel universes, quantum computers, and communication with other worlds. Available at bookstores and on line.

                15. Space-Time And Beyond: The New Edition. with Bob Toben. E. P. Dutton & Co., NY, 1982. and by Bantam, NY, 1983. Also published in Portuguese, German, and Japanese.

                A cartoon and commentary book loaded with interesting concepts and aphorisms. This has been designed for people who have little or no science training. No longer in print, but you can find it used on line and at used bookstores.

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                The Yoga of Time Travel

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                The New Alchemy Series

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                The Spiritual Universe

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                The Eagle's Quest

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                The Body Quantum

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                Taking the Quantum Leap

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